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Entrance Gate

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Amara - one seaside haven where you can rejuvenate your spirit and the ties that bind your family, where life is renewed by the sea, the surrounding natural environs and a 100-year old lighthouse that beams a guiding light faithfully every night.

Amara also incorporates the words “mar”, the sea, and “amar”, love. These are the keystones of the community that will eventually grow in this master planned development inspired by resort living.

Derived from the Spanish word that means mooring rope used to anchor ships at port, Amara connotes home where a family will find safe harbor.

From Cebu City, AMARA can be accessed through the northern coastal highway, a cemented and partly asphalted road, by almost any type of vehicle.


A luxurious section will be carved out along the scenic coastal ridge of the development. This part of AMARA will offer wider latitude for extras to lot owners such as private jetties for yacht owners, private infinity pool and decks overlooking the sea, among others.

It will have all the amenities to allow you and your family to relax and recharge:

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Basketball Court

Function Lobby


Lania Garden


Walkway view


Main Road


  • Infinity swimming pool with jacuzzi
  • Garden lobby
  • Admin building
  • Social hall
  • Function rooms (divided into 3)
  • Beach bar
  • Coffee shops and concession spaces

Sports & Recreation Club

  • Covered basketball court with a spectators gallery
  • Covered badminton court
  • Locker rooms for male and female
  • Spa for male and female
  • Fitness gym
  • Admin building
  • Beach volleyball
  • Coffee shop

Serenity Park

  • Floating meditation gazebos with connecting wooden steps
  • Fish pond
  • Waterfalls
  • Lush green landscaping with lots of bamboo features
  • Covered walks
  • Calming light from the lighthouse that passes through the entire park

Playground, Gazebos

Esplanade and seaside decks

Parks Facilities

  • Road right of way - 12, 15, 30 meters wide
  • Power / Telephone / CATV
  • Underground streetlights


  • Village overhead water tanks
  • Buffer for 24 hrs water supply in case of water interruption

Sewage Treatment Facilities

Future Phases will include:

  • North Pier - promenade and fishing deck
  • South Beach Park and picnic grounds
  • Retail Strip
  • School


1. Phase North 1

Block 1

a. Quay Drive Regular

(Lot 14)

Area = 361.00 sq. m

Price per sq. m = Php14,800.00

Total Price = Php 5,342,800.00

b. Quay Drive Regular

(Lot 15)

Area = 377.00.00 sq. m

Price per sq. m = Php14,800.00

Total Price = Php 5,579,600.00

c. Quay Drive Regular

(Lot 16)

Area = 467.00.00.00 sq. m

Price per sq. m = Php14,900.00

Total Price = Php 6,958,300.00

Block 2

a. Quay Drive Corner (Lot 19)

Area = 484.00 sq. m

Price per sq. m = Php14,900.00

Total Price = Php7,211,600.00

b. Quay Drive Regular (Lot 24)

Area = 375.00 sq. m

Price per sq. m = Php14,800.00

Total Price = Php5,550,000.00

2. Phase North 2

Block 5

a. Ledge (Lot 6)

Area = 581.00 sq. m

Price per sq. m = Php16,088.00

Total Price =


b. Ledge (Lot 7)

Area = 419.00 sq. m

Price per sq. m = Php16,188.00

Total Price =


c. Ledge (Lot 8)

Area = 381.00 sq. m

Price per sq. m = Php16,188.00

Total Price =


d. Ledge (Lot 9)

Area = 382.00 sq. m

Price per sq. m = Php16,188.00

Total Price =


Block 7

a. Ledge (Lot 6)

Area = 369.00 sq. m

Price per sq. m = Php12,888.00

Total Price = Php4,755,672.00

b. Ledge (Lot 15)

Area = 508.00 sq. m

Price per sq. m = Php12,488.00

Total Price = Php6,343,904.00

c. Ledge (Lot 16)

Area = 519.00 sq. m

Price per sq. m = Php12,988.00

Total Price = Php6,740,772.00


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Bluff Rear

Regular Lot Front

Bluff Front

Corner Lot Front

Seaview Lanai Rear

Irregular Lot Front

Seaview Lanai Front

Reservation Fee: Php 50,000.00 (deductible from Total Price)