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Online Purchase Guide

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In today’s modern society and hi-tech online communications, your search for having the property within your finances that is suitable for your needs can be accomplished through the help of your experienced Online Real Estate Professional.


Time is valuable. When you are overseas as of the moment and while interested in a particular property offered in our website, if you delay your inquiry until only at the time you are present in the Philippines, the property might already have increased its price or appreciated its value or it might be already sold.


It is also comprehensible that you might be concerned that your money sent to someone you have not known would be risky. However, it is ideal to keep a balance between opportunity and risk that is to maximize opportunity and minimize the risk.  For instance, if you are interested in a particular property offered in our website and when you come in person to see this property, you will have to think through your travel expenses and the time lost from business or work just to buy the property. However, when you would transact online, and just come over at your vacation leave it would be more cost wise.


Your goal then is to minimize the risk such as to just send the required reservation fee ranging from a minimum of Php 10,000 or depending on the required amount of the property. Make sure your Real Estate Salesperson is licensed under PRC and HLURB. Furthermore, the reservation deposit is not deposited under the name of the Real Estate Salesperson/Broker/Professional but under the name of the Developer.


How to Buy Property Online:


1. Browse and Choose the property you like in our website.

2. Contact your Real Estate Professional in the contact us form or mobile no. +639228913246 or email us at You may request for a more information with regard to the property and payment terms and conditions.


3. Reserve the chosen property online. The Real Estate Professional who serves you will advise you to deposit through check or cash together with the bank details of the property developer such as but not limited to the exact name of the developer, address of the developer, name of the bank, bank account number, type of account, address of bank, and swift code.


4. Deposit the Reservation Fee on any bank in your local area known to send money to the Philippines direct to the account of the developer. Keep your deposit slip as proof of payment.


5. Send your deposit slip via email attachment to the Real Estate Professional’s email. Such would be used to show that such amount is deposited under the Developer’s bank account.


6. Your Real Estate Professional will coordinate with the Developer if the deposit is cleared and by then the Real Estate Professional will send you and official receipt, reservation agreement and customer information sheet through email attachments. The original receipt will be in the hands of the Real Estate Salesperson for safekeeping pending advice as to how it would be sent such as post mail.


7. You are then requested to send these documents with your signature via email attachment.

Note: this online processing is only for the purpose of reservation only and preparation of the original contract papers. The developer would decide to reserve the property for at least 30 days should you push through with the transactions while contract papers are being prepared. What is binding is the original signing of contracts.


8. The Real Estate Professional will then send the original contract to you via post mail.


9. Upon receipt of the mailed original documents, and after careful reading and scrutiny and affixing of your signatures, you are then required to mail them back to the address of the Real Estate Professional.


10. Upon receipt by the Real Estate Professional of the signed original contracts from you through post mail, these documents will then be given to the developer who shall affix their signature and have these documents notarized. You can have a copy of the notarized contract.


11. Pay the monthly installment / amortization. Develops may require submission of post-dated checks or pay through your assigned Special Power of Attorney.