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Pristina North Residences

Talamban, Cebu City

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updated as of April 2016

Vicinity Map

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       Come home to Cebu’s first and only integrated, fully master-planned community. This is where all 32.5-hectares of spaces to live, work, shop, and play are designed for proximity and convenience.


       Pristina North features the Village Center, designed with top-of-the-line recreational facilities our vecinos can enjoy, and the Town Square is home to an office park and retail, commercial, and entertainment outlets. The beauty of Pristina North Residences may be seen in its excellent architecture, well-designed gardens, and abundance of space.



       But when people actually live and spend time here, they always discover that it is all about the quality of life and spirit of community that can only be described as beauty in all its simplicity.

Amenities, recreational facilities, and services

  • Village Center (Clubhouse) which houses the:
    • Celebration Hall
    • Space for refreshment area/convenience store
    • Coffee shop area
    • Serenity gazebo
    • 20-meter lap pool
    • Splashing pool for kids
    • Outdoor colored surface basketball court with bleachers
    • Outdoor colored and rubberized surface Kid's Playground
    • 3 water treatment facilities
    • Complete underground utilities
    • Filipino Asian Contemporary theme
    • Grand commercial road main entrance
    • Feature wall, Entrance Pylons, Dynamic terrain
    • Wide highly-walkable pedestrian sidewalk
    • Pool fountain with a unique wall feature
    • Authentic Maranao hand-crafted solid brass gong, Clubhouse centerpiece
    • 4 pocket parks, Asian gardens with park benches (Filipino garden, Garden of Bali, Thai garden, Zen Garden)
    • 2 nature buffers of an Indigenous tree sanctuary
    • The Centerpiece - commercial rotunda
    • Ovation park - village center rotunda
    • 4 entrances (commercial main & secondary entry, subdivision main & secondary entry)
    • 2.1m perimeter fence & 24hr security

Pristina North Residences Model Unit:

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Unit types and floorplan



Site map


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Payment terms

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  • Reservation fee is P100,000, non-refundable.
  • Payment schedule is already net of reservation fee.
  • House and Lot with prices equal to or more than P3,199,200 are subject to VAT. Penalties will apply for late payments.
  • Group, Bank and Pag-ibig Financing are subject to the approval of the respective institution.
  • Bank rates are all indicative. Bank amortization was based on the maximum no. of 10 years.
  • Monthly Amortization under Bank & Pagibig Financing does not include premium for MRI insurance.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Please make checks payable to AboitizLand, Inc.

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