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Calyx Centre

Cebu IT Park, Cebu City

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       Setting a new standard in urban living, local developer Innoland Development Corp. is set to launch its inaugural project, the Calyx Centre.


       The first green, hybrid building in Cebu, Calyx combines residential, commercial and office spaces in one organic building, creating a live-work synergy within its community.


       The ground floor will host a variety of retail and dining outlets for a quick bite or a place to meet up. It will also feature a shops to complement the lifestyle of building occupants.


       Office spaces have ideal footprints of over 2,000 square meters to serve the continuing demand from the IT and BPO industry. Separate lobbies and elevators for residents and office tenants ensure privacy and security. Parking for over 300 cars is also provided in 6 open-air floors in the building’s design.


       Moreover, the entire building, including the residential tower, will have 100% power back-up, an advantage considering frequent brownouts these days.


       A transition level at the 10th floor hosts the facilities designed especially for the lifestyle of the building occupants. The active zone will have a lap and wading pool, a gym, shower rooms, a Laundromat and two party halls. The lounge and wifi work station opens up to a smaller garden features quiet pockets ideal for yoga, meditation, reading and the like.


       Residential units occupy the 11th to the 26th floor. Always conscious of the Cebuano emphasis on quality and value for money, Innoland will offer various unit sizes and options to fit the needs of residents. The residential tower is designed to have a low density of 8-9 units only per wing. Studio units are VAT free while all larger units have balconies.


       Perhaps the most impressive aspects of this soon-to-rise landmark are its green features which embody Innoland’s commitment to sustainable development.The design and orientation of Calyx take into consideration the sun's path and the wind channels. This maximizes the use of natural light while making sure that building interiors are stay cool. A dual piping system is also installed to make use of rainwater for flushing toilets, watering plants, and other non-potable uses. Windows in each unit are operable to allow natural light and wind into the unit. Many other environment-friendly features assure incorporated in the design of the condominium.


       Strategically Located at Asiatown I.T. Park, Calyx Centre will be a community within a community. The building's location and integrated design also ensure that everything is within reach. This means less travelling and carbon footprint, and more time for family and the more important things in life.



       The Calyx Centre is located in a prime location within Asiatown IT Park.


       Strategically placed in the uptown area of Cebu City at the crossroads leading to key districts, the IT Park is an excellent jump off point to the airport, the seaport, nearby Cebu Business Park, and downtown.


       Within Asiatown, shops, banks and restaurants serve the community. Along Salinas drive are Waterfront Hotel and various food and entertainment establishments as well as churches and schools. Farther north up in the Nivel Hills is Marco Polo Plaza Hotel.


       This puts Calyx Centre within a 30 minute radius to important locations in Metro Cebu



Residences start on the 11th floor high above the street level. Three private elevators for residents. Bigger units with balconies. Operable windows.


Efficient space planning. Low density of 8-9 units per wing.

Residences start on the 11th floor high above the street level. Each typical floor from the 11th to the 24th level has 12 studio units, 1 Single Bedroom unit, 2 two bedroom units and 2 three bedroom units. Studio units are VAT free. Bigger units have balconies. All units have operable windows. Efficient space planning ensures comfort and maximum use of interior spaces. The Tower has two wings resulting in low density of 8-9 units only per wing. Three private elevators with separate entrance lobby ensure privacy of residents.


Residential units will be ready for move-in and will be fitted out with 60x60cm (24"x24") porcelain tiles, granite kitchen counter top with stainless steel sink, kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets, American Standard bathroom fixtures, & low flow water fixtures. Ceiling heights are from 2.7 meters to 3 meters in main areas of residential units. Main door is of solid wood.

A recreational space on the 10th floor is designed to provide hours of leisure and relaxation exclusively for residents and their guests. The landscaped outer area has two separate gardens: one for group activities and a quiet enclave for meditation, yoga or pilates. A 25 meter long swimming pool for lapping with wading area for children, shower rooms, well equipped gym, a spacious lounge done in modern Asian design theme, wifi station, and two halls for parties and events are spread out over a generous area of over 2,300 square meters. Tucked behind the elevators is a laundromat with washers and dryers for quick laundry chores, just a few steps from the amenities which allows residents to put waiting time to better use.



The building podium of 9 floors provide office and commercial spaces. 3 floors of work space with 2,300 sq.m. footprint for BPO locators and other offices are designed to accommodate 4 cut ups or 1 large office level with 3 centrally located elevators. A separate entrance lobby for the Podium units is located just off the promenade in the ground floor. With strategic location in Asiatown iT Park, Calyx is linked to the IT hub of Cebu in a master planned parkland.

  • 100% power back-up for the whole building is assured through 3 generators with 1 MVA capacity each. 
  • 24-hour security. In the building and around Asiatown IT Park
  • Car park for 324 vehicles in 5 above ground levels and 1 basement area. 
  • Landscaped green space is designed around the ground floor with promenade, restaurants, al fresco dining, banks and shops to complement the Calyx lifestyle.
  • Around Asiatown is parkland for jogging and biking. And at night, entertainment and fun in restobars. 
  • Within walking distance are churches and schools along Salinas Drive

Plus, Plus!

Other facilities and amenities


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Studio Unit

Area: 25.94 sq.m.

26.56 sq.m.

27.97 sq.m.


2,963,474.00 PHP

Floor Area:

28 sqm


Floor Level(s) 18

2 Studio Units Merged

Area: 53.12 sq.m.

1 – Bedroom


5,239,971.00 PHP

Floor Area:

49 sqm


Floor Level(s) 12

2 – Bedroom Executive

Area: 94.46 sq.m.

2 – Bedroom with 2 balconies

Area: 69.95 sq.m.


7,332,991.00 PHP


Floor Level(s) 12

3 – Bedroom East

Area: 107.80 sq.m.

3 – Bedroom West with 2 balconies

Area: 104.84 sq.m.


10,747,784.00 PHP


Floor Level(s) 17


Merged Studio Units

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2-Bedroom Executive model unit

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CALYX mean?

       It refers to the outer whorl of protective leaves (sepals) of a flower, usually green, shaped like a cup. In more visual terms, it is the cradle that holds the fragile blossom connected to nourishment and sustenance from earth.

       It inspired the design philosophy of Cebu's first green, hybrid building. Calyx Centre provides spaces for living, working and playing ensconced in a protective shell of a green building that breathes, pulsates and thrives in an environment closely linked with nature; structure complements rather than isolates man from natural environment.

What does "green" mean?

       Green is universally understood to mean ecology-driven initiatives integrated in design and function that respect the environment and harness natural elements to enhance life, In effect, reduce carbon footprint and the harmful effects of green house gas on our atmosphere that has triggered global warming.

How many floor does the building have?

       Calyx has 26 floors.

How many units does each floor have?

       Each floor has 17 residential units from the 11th to the 24th floor. The Podium has 3 floors of office space with a total footprint of 2,300 sq.m. / floor.

What are the different types of unit?

Each typical floor has

  • 12 Studio units ranging in size from 25.94 sq.m. to 3131 sq.m. 
  • 1 Single Bedroom unit at 49.36 sq.m. 
  • 2 Two Bedroom units from 69.95-94.46 sq.m. 
  • 2 Three Bedroom units from 104.84-107.8 sq.m.

What are the basic finishes of the units?

  • 60x60 cm or 24”x 24”porcelain (homogenous) tiles 
  • Granite kitchen counter top with stainless steel sink and kitchen cabinets
  • American Standard bathroom fixtures with shower enclosure
  • Low flow water fixtures 
  • Bedroom closets
  • Solid wood main door 
  • Painted cement walls and ceilings 
  • Operable windows 
  • Provisions for inverter type Air conditioners, window or split model according to size of units

What is the average price?

Price is pegged at P85,000/sq.m. with premium on 16th to 18th floor in the first tranche. Higher floors will be available at a later date.

What are the payment terms?

Various options are available. Spot Cash gets a 10% discount. Installment terms are offered from 24 months spread without interest for total contract price to bank financing for balance after equity . Contact us for details.

Can a foreigner purchase a unit?

Yes, up to 40% of total residential units. Office and retail spaces are for lease only.

How much is the association dues?

At current rates, the indicative price is P60/sq.m. monthly.

Do you have a generator?

Yes, 3 generators with a capacity of 1 MVA each.

Do you have an office or showroom?

Yes, at the 15th floor of the TGU Tower in Asiatown IT Park.

When is the turn-over date?

Target completion date is 28 months after start of construction.