Top Cebu Properties, Advantages of Condominiums

Advantages of Condominiums


As an end-user buyer, buying Philippine condominiums is a great way to buy a place in a very urbanized area. There are many advantages in buying and living in a condominium compared to buying a house and lot. The following advantages are:

Safety and Security. 24-hour reception and security, and screening of people wishing to visit the occupant.

Location. Many condominium unit are built in an area that is convenient, strategic and practical. Many projects are accessible to public or mass transportation, near commercial areas, schools and offices. Travel time is minimized and the buyers will have more time to do other things. At other times, the location enables the buyer to have a breathtaking view of the sea, golf course, the city or mountains from afar. Unlike living in a house and lot subdivision, the view is many times limited, unless it is a secondary or vacation house with good view of the sea or mountains, although there are exceptions.

Comfort and Convenience. Recreation and entertainment for  personal enjoyment to owners. The many amenities in many mid range residential condo projects is almost complete that the buyers don't have to go to other places to swim, work out, relax and entertain their guests. A building administrator for a mid cost condominium related that there are buyers who have their own houses and apartment units, but they prefer to live in their mid cost condo units, because of the conveniences and security for the area. One occupant related that he could just instruct the guard to call the taxi for him anytime of the day or night.

Amenities. Like the garden and clubhouse. The people maintaining the building also will handle the maintenance of the gardens, cleaning of the common areas and parking lots, removal of trash. Many condo units when finished are ready to live in, with a few minor touches to do. 

Less Maintenance Cost. The monthly association dues although high in some, condo units, are still generally less than maintaining a house and lot. There is no need to shoulder the cost of building and maintaining a gate and a perimeter wall on one's own. When the condo unit occupant wants to have some repairs and maintenance of his unit, he does not have to look for a repairman. All he has to do is call the in charge of the maintenance and the repairman will be there in a few minutes. Included in the monthly dues are the security, maintenance and amenities that are not available in an ordinary home. Imagine the cost of renovating the whole house after 5 years to compare it with renovation of only the interior of a condo unit as the exterior is already covered with the monthly association dues.

Health, Fitness and Lifestyle. A lot of condos today has included a gym, swimming pool and saunas. It's is to help the unit owner to live a better lifestyle, to be physically fit in mind and body for disease prevention, and health promotion. Let's face it, we all need to be healthy.

Buying property can be a frustrating and confusing process for many people. There are many to consider including price, different types of property, size and location. You want to make sure that you can be happy living in the property you choose to buy.