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Updated as of August 2013

1016 Residences

Cebu Business Park

Condominium units for sale

The Project

       A select community of 109 units rises 24 floors above Cebu Business Park. A distinctive address set privately apart in a vibrant urban center, 1016 welcomes you home in the 3rd quarter of 2014


       1016 Residences is a high-end residential condominium project co-developed by Ayala Land Premiere and Cebu Holdings Inc. Carrying the Ayala Land Premiere brand, the development promises to deliver an exclusive and distinct living experience.

Location and Site Development Plan

       1016 Residences is located centrally at Cebu Business Park. It is a short walk from the city’s premier retail and entertainment hub, the Ayala Center Cebu, and is directly connected to the exclusive City Sports Club Cebu – giving the residents and endless array of facilities and amenities for shopping, recreation and business. It’s convenient location is balanced with space and luxury through carefully designed spaces which take advantage of scenic views of the sea and the mountains and open up opportunities for private spaces even on the upper floors.

Amenities and Facilities of 1016 Residences

  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Kiddie Play Area
  • Lobby Lounge
  • Roof Deck
  • City Sports Club Cebu usage rights

Building features of Ayala Land’s 1016 Residences

Efficiency Features

  • Maximized natural ventilation for common areas
  • Inverter-type Air Conditioning System

Convenience and Services

  • Three (3) Elevators, 2 passenger lifts and 1 service elevator
  • Elegantly-designed ground floor lobby
  • Mail room
  • Administrative office
  • Centralized sanitary disposal system
  • Direct access to City Sports Club Cebu

Safety and Security

  • Fire Detection and Alarm System
  • 24-hour security and building maintenance
  • Basement proximity card access
  • 100% Back-up Power

Unit Offerings of 1016 Residences Cebu

       Ayala Land Premier’s 1016 Residences shall only have 109 residential units available for sale, all which are prime corner units. A 27-storey Bldg, of which 23 floors are for residential use and there are only 6 units per typical floor.


       1016 Residences shall stand on approximately 2,400 sqm parcel of land in Cebu Business Park, 900 sqm of which shall be used as the buildings footprint and shall be efficiently used for landscaped parks and private gardens.

Units Available for 1016 Residences



The 2-bedrooms is sized in the range of 98sqm-101sqm, with 1 appurtenant parking slot. The price range with VAT is approximately PHP 10M – PHP 40M.

  • The larger 2 bedrooms at the side of the building is 101sqm exclusive of balcony size at 3-5sqm. It’s available for the 2nd to 20th floors. Some features: a king-sized bed can be accommodated in the Master’s Bedroom; a True or Juliet balcony alternates in every floor.
  • The typical 2 bedroom is at 98sqm exclusive of balcony. It’s located on the 3rd to the 20th floor. Balconies alternate between floors.


The 3-bedrooms are sized at 131sqm with 2 appurtenant parking slots. The price range is approximately PHP 16.8M – PHP 25.7M. It is located at the 3rd to the 20th floors.

Unit Type

No. of Units

Approximate Unit area excluding balconies, in range.

Approximate balcony area, in range.

Parking Slot

2 Bedroom


98-101 SQM / 976-1087SQ.FT

5-9 SQM / 54-97 SQ.FT


3 Bedroom


131 SQM / 1410 SQ.FT

8-12 SQM / 86-129 SQ.FT

2 xx

3 Bedroom Special


184-229 SQM / 1981-2465 SQ.FT

3-37 SQM / 32-398 SQ. FT




X Approximate areas. Please refer to specific unit for specific unit areas.

XX May be Tandem or Individual Parking Slots

Special Units of 1016 Residences




       The special 3-bedrooms are sized at 184sqm-229sqm, with 2 appurtenant parking slots. The price range is approximately PHP 28M –PHP 45M.


       There are 2 special garden units. One of which will be a bi-level unit with 187sqm of liveable space, it also features an exclusive garden for the owner’s use. The other one shall have a private patio overlooking the landscaped garden.


       There are 2 special 3 bedroom flats with a large private terrace, perfect for functions and parties. The living area is 184sqm while one unit’s terrace is at an indulgent 87sqmm while the other shall be 31sqm.


       There are two 3 bedroom bi-level units, two of which will have a roof deck. The livable area is a large 195sqm to 197sqm of space. These units shall be located in the 21st, 22nd and 24th. The Master’s toilet and bath shall feature a double lavatory.


       There are 2 special 3-bedroom flats with gourmet kitchen, and there is one unit with its private roof deck pool at 6×4 meters in size.

Some Notable Features of 1016 Residences

  • Euro grade kitchen with range hood
  • Kohler and Grohe Fixtures
  • Inverter type Air Conditioning units per bedroom and in the Living and Dining Room area
  • 2 Telephone Lines per unit
  • A Guest Annunciator with duress
  • 100% Back up Power
  • Every residential unit comes with Cebu City Sport Complex shares

Turnover Date of ALP’s 1016 Residences: 3rd Quarter of 2014

Frequently Asked Questions on 1016 Residences

About The Building

  • What are the views from the units of 1016 Residences?

Select Units on higher floors will have views of the mountains, sea and/or the city.

  • What lifestyle can a future 1016 Residences resident look forward to?

The lifestyle of the residents of 1016 Residences is characterized by luxury and convenience with generously spaced units and common areas and a wide array of business, retail and recreational amenities given the project’s proximity to Ayala Center Cebu, Marriot and the City Sports Club Cebu.

  • What establishments and landmarks are near 1016 Residences?
  • Ayala Center Cebu
  • Cebu City Marriot Hotel
  • City Sports Club Cebu
  • Educational Institutions

i.  University of Southern Philippines

ii. University of the Philippines

iii. San Carlos Seminary

  • Asiatown IT Parks
  • Department Stores and Groceries

i. Rustan’s Fresh

ii. Metro Gaisano

  • Museums/Performance Arts/Art Galleries

i. Grand Convention Center

ii. Waterfront Hotel in Lahug

  • Churches

i. Carmelites Monastery

ii. St. Joseph Church

iii. Redemptorist Church

  • Offices

i. Lexmark Plaza

ii. Cebu Holdings Center

iii. Innove

iv. Keppel Center

v. WTC Tower

vi. Insular Tower

vii. Pioneer Building

  • Fitness Clubs and Spa

i. Fitness First

ii. Holiday Gym and Spa

iii. The Spa at Cebu

  • Dining Experiences

i. The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu

ii. Cebu City Marriott Hotel

iii. Crossroads

  • Medical Institutions

i. Chong Hua Hospital

ii. Cebu Doctors University & Hospital

iii. Perpetual Succour Hospital

About The Unit at 1016 Residences

  • How different will be the 1016 Residences units from the other existing condominium developments in Cebu?

1016 Residences sets itself apart from any residential condominium in Cebu. Typical of an Ayala Land Premier (ALP) product, 1016 Residences has larger units with areas ranging from approximately 98 SQM to 220 SQM and with high-grade finishes and fittings. It is the only development with direct access to City Sports Club Cebu (CSCC) and offer usage rights to its residents.

  • What are the Unit Features of 1016 Residences?
  • European grade kitchen with range hood
  • Kohler and Grohe bathroom fittings and fixtures
  • Air Conditioning units for bedrooms and living and dining areas
  • Provision for water heaters for bathrooms and kitchen
  • Individual metering for water and electricity
  • Maximized natural ventilation
  • Audio guest anunciator system
  • CATV for all bedrooms and living rooms
  • Provision for 2 Telephone lines per unit
  • Telephone outlets in all bedrooms and living/dining areas
  • Duress button incorporated with the guest anunciator system

  • What are the Unit Finishes and appliance provided with a 1016 Residences unit?







Engineered wood planks


Painted Gypsum


Living/Dining Area

Engineered wood planks


Painted Gypsum

Air-conditioning Unit

Powder Room*

Homogenous Tiles


Painted Gypsum



Ceramic Tiles




Master’s Bedroom

Engineered wood planks


Painted Gypsum

Air-conditioning Unit

Master’s Toilet & Bath

Homogenous Tiles

Homogenous Tiles

Painted Gypsum


Secondary Bedroom

Engineered wood planks


Painted Gypsum

Air-conditioning Unit

Secondary/Common Toilet & Bath

Homogenous Tiles

Homogenous Tiles for Shower area only

Painted Gypsum



Homogenous Tiles


Painted Gypsum

Range Hood

Utility Room/Area*

Ceramic Tiles




Maid’s Room

Ceramic Tiles


Painted Gypsum


Maid’s T&B

Ceramic Tiles


Painted Gypsum


  • Natural Stone Countertops for all kitchen
  • Stone bathroom countertops
  • (*) For Select units

Living in 1016 Residences

  • Will the area of the balcony/roof deck/garden be included in the association dues?

       Yes, maintenance of balconies, roof decks and gardens, which includes real property taxes and insurance, will be part of the association dues.

       The master deed requires the unit owners to pay for their share in the maintenance expenses of these areas in the building relative to the size of the balcony, rood deck, garden adjoining the units.

In addition, maintenance and upkeep of roof deck/garden such as but not limited to landscaping and pool maintenance are charged directly to the unit owner.

  • Are Monthly Dues of CSCC part of the association dues?

       Yes, Club dues assessed by CSCC against the condominium corporation shall be part of the association dues charged to the residents of 1016 Residences.

       The Condominium Corporation shall own 109 shares of CSCC, or such number of share as there are units in the project. The Condominium Corporation shall assiong one CSCC share for every residential unit to allow him/her to enjoy CSCC rights.

Other Questions

  • What is the rental potential of units in 1016 Residences?

The current average monthly rental rates for condominium in Cebu are:

  • PHP 40,000-45,000 for a 100 SQM 2-Bedroom Unit
  • PHP 50,000-60,000 for a 140 SQM 3 Bedroom Unit
  • PHP 80,000 for a 190 SQM Penthouse

       Please note however that there are no existing condominium developments in Cebu comparable to 1016 Residences. Since rent is influenced by many factors, the developer cannot guarantee lease rates.

  • Is the balcony area included in the list price of the unit?

       No. The balconies are listed as limited common areas in the Master Deed, though it enhances the value of a particular unit in 1016 Residences, the list price is applicable to the units area only.

  • What is the Parking Ratio for the units in 1016 Residences?

       Two Bedroom units are allocated 1 Parking Slot, Three Bedroom and Special Three Bedroom Units are allocated 2 Parking Slots, which may or may not be tandem.

Distance of Ayala Condo to Ayala Mall/Terraces

Pricelist and Availability

Unit Type

Area (sqm)




available units' prices start at Php12.9M



available units' prices start at Php15.6M

3BR Special (Park Suite)


available units' prices start at Php30.3M

3BR Special (Terrace Suite)



3BR Special (Cityscape Suite)



3BR Special (Skyline Suite)




A. Cash 95-5 Scheme 

- 95% Downpayment

- 5% Twelve months thereafter

- 8% Discount 

B. Cash 20-80 (12 months) Scheme 

- 20% Downpayment

- 80% over 12 months

- 6% Discount 

C. Cash 20-80 (Catch up June 2014) Scheme 

- 20% Downpayment

- 80% over 36 months 

D. Cash 60 Scheme 

- 20% Downpayment

- 80% Bank Loan

- 7% Discount

- Valid only for Bank take out from BPI-FIB,BDO,HSBC and China Banks 

E.10-10 (20 months) - 80 Scheme 

- 10% Downpayment

- 10% over 20 months

- 80% Lump sum

- Interest Free 

F.20-20 (Catch up) - 60 (Lump sum) Scheme

- 20% Downpayment

- 20% Catch up

- 60% Lump sum- 3.25% Interest

Additional new payment terms:

10-20-70     10% down payment, 20% until May 2014, 70% lumpsum

20-15-65     20% down payment, 15% until May 2014, 65% lumpsum

Special Payment Options:

Applicable to all units, C & D units

10-10(26)-80m 0% interest

       -10% down payment, 10% spread equally over 26 months, 80% lumpsum

       -10-50 (catch up) - 40

       -10% down payment, 50% spread equally until May 2014, 40% in 3 annual bullets